a week spending time mostly in bed

Monday, August 04, 2014

I had some weird pain in my stomach last week. Normally I wouldn't go to the doctors such as stomach ache, fever and you could probably guess what caused this state and mostly those pain last at longest two days so I was just trying to be patient as much as possible. I did take medicines that worked 90% of time but this pain killed me about FOUR incomprehensible days! After all those patience and slight fears, I finally went to the doctors. They just gave me some pills to take but still in pain for a few days after. Ended up ill for the whole week and unable to eat anything is just too much for me to handle, even if I lost a dramatic amount of weight. Although I am now well enough to eat whatever food makes me gain the weight already. Which doesn't make any sense AT ALL.

Anyway, here is what I've been listening to non stop since February or so. I am just obsessed with this band called Years & Years, I knew Olly Alexander (vocals) as an actor but I had no idea he's in a band. I then sneakily searched the band on youtube came up to this video and ever since I've been listening to all of their songs constantly. Original song is amazing yet this acoustic version makes his dreamy voice stands out even more which is just divine.
As a side note ; Their new single will be out very soon, and I'm actually considering a pre-order my first ever "signed" vinyl copies. Is it a bit fangirly thing to do?


Saturday, July 12, 2014

I've missed you...
as much as I have missed this tiny little place.